January 23-24 2016

The iACADEMY Battle League is a 24-hour gaming challenge that’s open to high school and college students, ages 15-23 years old. Register your team and battle it out with other teams as you vie for the title of Battle League Champion. Remember: Battle cries do not include tears. Game on!




1. Trash talking is prohibited.

2. Each member of the team must play at least once.

3. When there are on-going games, audience / idle team members are not allowed near the participating players.

4. Any form of cheating (eg: peeking & coaching from the audience) will result in the team involved to be disqualified.



Day 1

1:00-1:30PM Registration

1:30-2:00PM Orientation

2:00-3:00PM Presentation Neun Farben

3:00-5:00PM Crossfire c/o Game Club

5:00-6:30PM Talks over Dinner with Game Dev Speaker

6:30-8:30PM Game Dev Concepts Presentation with Student Mentors

8:30PM-4:30AM Start of Games

4:30-7:00AM Rest/Work on Presentation

Day 2

7:00AM Breakfast

8:00AM Games

12:00NN Lunch , presentation follows

3:00PM Awarding