Education in Motion - Literally

Education in Motion - Literally

iACADEMY Opens Doors for Game Development Careers

Few courses today represent the ever-growing demand of technology and the

excitement of a fulfilling career that can capture the attention of youth the way game

development does.

And for a school that offers niche courses perfectly tailored for in-demand jobs today

like iACADEMY, there is no better way to introduce the $93 billion dollar industry to

aspiring professionals than by presenting real-world examples of the science behind it.

“The Game Van is literally what iACADEMY’s program is about, on wheels. It’s a motor

vehicle that houses various game consoles available today and it brings focus to

gaming in an educational and effective manner,” explains Mitch Andaya, iACADEMY

VP for Academics.

If this non-traditional approach seems counter-intuitive (after all, aren’t video games the

bane of parents’ existence by virtue of being a distraction to school work?), take note—

this is where the brilliance of specialized tertiary schools come in. Because where

universities fail to highlight the real-world possibilities of traditional computing courses,

iACADEMY succeeds in combining practical, hands-on education by presenting it in a

fun and engaging way.

To this end, iACADEMY continues to partner with relevant organizations in an effort to

introduce more students to the true potential of the gaming industry. Their most recent

initiative saw them working with the Youth Development and Welfare Bureau of the City

of Manila where they brought the Game Van around the metro.

“What better way to inspire the youth to develop their creativity through technology

and utilize its advantages than by showing them the direct connection between

education and the real-world technology that they can create? ” asks, Dane Romley,

iACADEMY Creative Director.

A pioneer in the game development industry in the country, iACADEMY is one of the first

local schools to offer the course in the Philippines. With a stringent academic

foundation, the school focuses on tying their programs to a real-world curriculum that is

meant to make students industry-ready for what is arguably a leading career option in

the job market today.

Future initiatives in the pipeline include programs that highlight theoretical instruction into

practical experience, including a massive culminating event meant to bring together

the brightest in the field and bring more attention to the potential of the industry.

“Our school is proud of the fact that we are able to cross traditional academic

boundaries through experiential learning and innovative partnerships; and this is just one

part of how iACADEMY can empower students to shape the course of their future,”

Vanessa Tanco, iACADEMY President.


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