Saturday morning, the 27th of September 2014. iACADEMY’s anticipated and well-publicized Open House started earlier than expected. The invitation that was sent out indicated for people to be there at 9:00, expecting theSaturday crowd to roll in mid-morning. The spacious waiting area of the Admissions Office was already crowded by7:30. It was a welcome surprise to have the event start an hour early. Over a hundred parents and prospective students alike were divided into groups and taken around iACADEMY’s brand new campus- once known as the Mondragon House, now hailed the iACADEMY Plaza, headquarters of the young, bright, and hopeful leaders of the industries of the future.


The people who came knew they wanted to be among the privileged few. iACADEMY, after all, was a small school, screening every applicant and accepting only those who could potentially make a real difference. The tour ended at the Auditorium, and the groups were met by people children aspire to be. With the proper training, given the right opportunity, these were people they could be in the future.


Business tycoon and President of PhilPlans, amongst other companies, Monico Jacob was there to give his advice. The Dean of Academics and one of the country’s most influential educator in Computer Science and Software Engineering who himself was a pioneer of iACADEMY, Mitch Andaya, talked about how iACADEMY’s program was designed to fill in what was missing from more traditional institutions. Offering eight four-year courses, training with top-tier industry partners, hundreds of windows of opportunity, all open, all essential to progress, development, all to bring about true and lasting change.


“200 hours of internship only gives students training.” Andaya said, confident in his programs that guarantees its students employment if they so want it. “The 960 internship hours we require students to complete gives them experience and opportunity.”


Because in this world, opportunity is everything.


Artist, dreamer, Manu Respall, who made a career out of his passions encouraged his audience to do the same. Dane Romley, known around the circles of the animation industry as the Character Developer for the Simpsons and Creative Director at iACADEMY, captured his audience, teaching while doing amazing things- this is the epitome of an iACADEMY educator.


The morning was brought to a final close by the President and CEO of the college, Vanessa Tanco, who brought to iACADEMY the things she herself looked for when she was a hopeful high school senior faced with the dilemma of choosing the right school: top-quality education, a safe campus, and job security.


iACADEMY will open its doors for another Open House on 18 October 2014 from 9am-1pm. For more information,, email or call 8897777.




iACADEMY is a school that offers courses that cater to the needs of the industry by combining theoretical and practical learning techniques designed to equip them with the skills they need to thrive in their chosen careers. For questions and inquiries, please call (02) 8897777 or visit


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