Generally, the mismatch between graduates and the actual needs of the industry go beyond the courses that students take. Experts have observed that even students who completed specialty courses still enter the industry ill-prepared for the challenges that are presented to them. iACADEMY recognized this problem and designed programs to address this growing challenge.


“Skills and knowledge- that’s what you try to give students in class. And then traditionally, they are given exams to see how much knowledge they retain. Students can stay up all night and study, but if they can not apply the theories properly after the exam, then they have not learned anything worthwhile.” Vanessa Tanco, President & CEO of iACADEMY talks about immersive education, “Our faculty gives iACADEMY students the opportunity to test the skills and knowledge that they learned in a practical, real-world setting.”


What gives iACADEMY students a sharp advantage over graduates from different universities is the 960 internship hours required for every program. With over 300 multi-national industry partners, iACADEMY’s Internship and Placement office matches students with the companies that they could learn from and complement at the same time.


iACADEMYs three main schools, Computing, Business, and Design, are led by people who all share the goal to produce graduates who are relevant to the industry needs of today. Mitch Andaya, College Dean, also heads iACADEMY’s School of Computing.  Offering a BS in Computer Science with specialization in Software Engineering, BS in Game Development, and BS in Information Technology with specialization in Web Development, Andaya boasts of a faculty that is composed of highly experienced industry specialists with years of practical know-how. Graduates of iACADEMY’s School of Computing have become successful entrepreneurs here and abroad, reinventing the face of software development wherever they go.


Dr. Frederick Halcon, Dean of the School of Business, is dedicated to creating industry leaders that are socially responsible. Knowing that iACADEMY is training the leaders of the future industries, Halcon integrates the idea of “Business with a conscience” into the training of the school’s business students. iACADEMY’s School of Business offers two programs: BS in Business Administration, Major in



Financial Management, and BS in Business Administration, Major in Marketing & Advertising.


The School of Design is, to date, iACADEMY’s most popular school led by a team of industry professionals. “Animation is one of the best industries to be in because it's fun, it teaches you to be creative, and it's challenging,” says Dane


Romley, former Animator of The Simpsons now sits as iACADEMYs Creative Director and heads the BS in Animation program. Filmmaker and educator, Ryan Abeledo graduated cum laude with an AB in Film and Audio-Visual Communication in UP Diliman and now sits as the Chairperson of the AB in Multimedia Arts and Design program. And finally, educated at the Polimoda Fashion School in Italy,Nicole Aquino sits as the Chairperson of the Bachelor of Fashion Design and Technology program.


“Our faculty trains our students in the industries that they will lead in the future. We place them in real work environments and give them opportunities all throughout their college years. We try to take progressive learning a step further to immersive learning.” Concludes Tanco, who herself sees to it that iACADEMY’s faculty gives students what they need to learn and grow: opportunity.




iACADEMY is a school that offers courses that cater to the needs of the industry by combining theoretical and practical learning techniques designed to equip them with the skills they need to thrive in their chosen careers. For questions and inquiries, please call (02) 8897777 or visit www.iacademy.edu.ph


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