1. Sign up online
  2. Download the letter and let your parents sign the attached waiver. Submit it on the day of the battle. Each member of the team must submit a waiver signed by their parents. (No waiver, no participation.)
  3. Participants must present their school ID on the day of the battle.

Battle League Competition General Rules and Guidelines:

House Rules
  1. General House Rules
    • No loitering inside the school premises. Stay only in the designated area for Battle League.
    • No littering inside the vicinity. Trash bins/bags will be placed around the area where you can throw your trash away properly.
    • Participants are encouraged to bring their own food and snacks.
    • Bringing of alcoholic drinks and any kind of drugs is strictly prohibited
    • Participants are not allowed to go out to buy food/drinks. iACADEMY will provide food booths outside the auditorium.
    • Never fight / argue /harass the employees and facilitators of the Battle League. Doing so will result in the disqualification of the whole team. Following the house rules of Battle League is a priority.
    • Please inform one of the CORE FACILITATORS if you have any complaints or issues with any of the Battle League facilitators or volunteers.
    • Never go to the stage upfront, unless he/she/the team was called or asked to do so.
    • If not feeling well, or a participant has health problems, please call one of the facilitators to accompany you to the clinic. We have a nurse and a doctor on duty.
  2. Tournament House Rules
    1. Before Game
      • If you brought your own keyboard, mouse, headphone, etc and want to use it during the game, please tell one of the facilitators to help you.
      • Check everything if they are working properly, otherwise remind the facilitators.
    2. During Game
      • Trash Talking is not allowed during the game. Never type any insulting words to the opposing team. Anyone caught doing so will be given a warning, and being caught a second time will result in the team forfeiting the game and lose points.
      • If a team wants to pause the game, they only have 2-3 minutes to do so.
      • No food and drinks are allowed while playing. Any accidents that may occur that lead to breaking or damaging the computer will be the whole team’s responsibility.
      • Teammates that are not playing :
        1. may watch the game from the team’s side, but at a certain
        2. may not go to the opposing team’s side to watch. Anyone caught distance.
        3. will be given a warning, and being caught a second time will result in the team forfeiting the game.
    3. After Game
      • Greet the opposing team in a friendly manner; congratulate them and shake hands. Remember this is a friendly competition. We are here to compete with each other but also to have fun and enjoy.
      • Never engage in physically violent activity after the game with the opposing team. Any team doing so will result in disqualification for the whole game
Tournament Rules
  1. System
    • Battle League Tournament will be using Double Elimination with matching point system
    • Points are given to each team at the end of the matches.
    • When forfeited because of breaking house rules - the team will be given no points
    • If the leading teams got a tiebreaker on points, then a final match will be held.
  2. Point System
    • Default Points
      • Win = 10 Points
      • Lose = 8 Points
    • Semi Finals Points
      • Win = 11 Points
      • Lose = 9 Points
    • Finals Points
      • Win = 12 Points
      • Lose = 10 Points
    • There will be a champion for each game, but the team that obtains the highest point in the tournament will be the BATTLE LEAGUE CHAMPION.