It's possible to make a lot of money with your art. Here's how

It's possible to make a lot of money with your art. Here's how

You don’t have to be dirt poor when you’re living off of your passion for the arts. We’re all familiar with

 the starving artist persona, but not all artists have to be starving to be artists. 


Consider Multimedia Arts—a combination of four important disciplines: print, design, web design, and 

audiovisual communications, which are all supported by advancing technologies.  All these mediums 

meet the demands of today’s generation of art consumers and business employers in need of creative 

people. In short, today’s market needs artists.


But does working for the corporate setting mean you’re a sell-out?


A lot of people think so, but it doesn’t have to be like that.


“All creative endeavors have a business side to it,” said Ryan Abeledo, Chairperson of the Multimedia 

Arts Department of iACADEMY.


Multimedia Arts provide new avenues for you to express your creativity and views about the world. The 

kind of diversity this field offers give you access to bigger and better opportunities. MMA grads can 

easily get jobs in film, advertising and marketing, publishing, and game development. “The corporate 

world needs designers to help create their brand. And advertisers needs artists for their talent to create 

quality content,” he added.


So you see, having an MMA diploma doesn’t strip you away of your talent and skill. In fact, it only 

broadens your opportunities to exercise your passion and share your art to more audiences. Not to 

mention that you’ll be getting paid for just being yourself. 


But Abeledo points out an important reminder to all artists considering the path of Multimedia: You get 

what you put in.


“There has to be an investment in terms of, not just monetary, but also the intentions behind the work. 

You have to be sincere about your intentions on why you want to pursue this particular craft. The same 

thing applies to any artist—fine artist, painter or sculptor,” he added.


iACADEMY is one example of a good investment towards a career in art. With its robust curriculum 

grounded on being industry-relevant, state-of-the-art facilities, world-class faculty, and 96% placement 

rate, students have all the means to develop their talents and put it to good use – personally and 



“Primarily, we encourage students to take up activities for their own creative expression. It’s for their 

personal benefit so that they are able to explore creative avenues,” Abeledo explains. ##


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