What do experts say about the benefits of online gaming?

What do experts say about the benefits of online gaming?

We can’t deny that online gaming has a bad reputation. With its often violent plotlines and graphics, it’s no wonder that parents think it’s dangerous to their children’s studies, social life, and mental and physical health.

But what do experts say?

Believe it or not, online gaming has more benefits than it has disadvantages.

“Contrary to their reputation, many games have educational, physical, and psychological benefits for players. Games that use repetitive actions, such as the swinging of a bat or targeting a moving object, train the brain and muscles to perform better in real-life activities,” the article said. 

And the health benefits don’t end there.

According to the American Psychological Association, despite the violent nature most games display, video games work almost as well as academic courses in enhancing spatial navigation, memory, and reasoning.  

But the resounding benefit of video games is its most common reason for use: mood management. “Gaming may be among the most efficient and effective means by which children and youth generate positive feelings. “

As a coping mechanism, video games were seen to help improve one’s ability to recover from failure. The study attributes it to the repeating themes of trial-and-error which helps the player recover faster in order to come up with solutions that prevent the same mistake from happening again even in real life situations.

But health experts aren’t the only ones recognizing the perks of online gaming.

eSport or competitive gaming was recently recognized by the Korean Olympic Committee (KOC) as a 2nd level Olympic sport. This accreditation will serve as an endorsement to the International Olympic committee, which oversees the inclusion or exclusion of sporting events in the Olympics. eSports now sits with the ranks of Chess, Automobile Racing, Cheerleading, and Polo.

According to industry experts, game development is a billion-dollar industry that will only get bigger. Business Insider reported that the global gaming industry was worth $67 billion in 2013. By 2017, it’s projected to reach $82 billion. And the government and educational institutions are taking action. Senator Bam Aquino in a statement called for investments on the local game developing industry to meet the global demand to help generate jobs which he predicted could surpass the country’s business process outsourcing (BPO) industry.

Then there’s iACADEMY, which was the first school in the Philippines to offer a full blown Bachelor of Science degree in Game Development to answer this growing industry need. iACADEMY’s game development program incorporates visual design, storytelling, and programming in its curriculum to fully understand how the industry works, functions, and ultimately succeeds.





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