6 ways to tap your inner fashionista

6 ways to tap your inner fashionista

Unknown to many, taste is a better indicator of fashion know-how rather than numbers and trends. And by taste, we mean the ability to make sound judgments on aesthetic, artistic, and even intellectual matters. It takes time to develop and sharpen personal taste; a never ending process.

So seeing as taste is not something bought but cultivated, here’s how you can develop yours for a future in the fashion industry:


1.       Do your research

 Believe it or not, fashion involves research – lots of it. Many modern and contemporary fashion trends take their roots from actual and even ancient historical pieces of clothing. The gladiator sandals, for example, area reinterpretation of sandals used by Roman soldiers. Read about current trends, too. Ultimately, fashion is reflective of its time if not a repetitive cycle. Look at past magazines issues and gaze upon the faces of men and women of yesteryears who have shaped and shook fashion, as well as the reigning lords and leaders. Know the names – Gabrielle Chanel, Gianni Versace, Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington, Sari Yap, to mention a few.

But don’t stop there.Keep an eye on current events and creative scenes like music, theatre, and art as well. They are very important sources of fashion inspiration, too.


2.       Keep tabs on things that inspire you

 According to Ryan Abeledo, Multimedia Arts Chairperson of iACADEMY, persistent exposure to the type of things you want to create helps a personbe constantly inspired and make his visions come to life. The best way to do it?Create mood boards.

Traditionally, a mood board is a collage that designers and illustrators –basically anyone in the design field– make to show the look they wish to pursue. Think of those artsy looking montages made by people who make cutting and pasting look like a high form of art.

Mood boards don’t have to be grand. Pinterest, for example,is a more compact form of mood boards – the modern form, even.  Not only will you be able to get loads of inspiration from quality content from Pinterest, you’ll most likely end up creating your own that could inspire someone else.


 3.       Explore, errmm… study your body

Some clothes only look good on the rack, but not necessarily on you. That’s just reality. The error of many budding (even seasoned) fashionistas is that they focus on current trends even though these styles don’t compliment their body type.

The best way to avoid this is to familiarize yourself with your body. Are you long-legged? Short torsoed? Long-necked? Bow-legs? Notice these things and use them to your advantage. Knowing your strengths and limitations will save a lot of time and money in the long-run from impulse buys.


4.       Surround yourself with beautiful things

It’s important to surround yourself with things that remind you of what you want in life, as these keep you in check and motivated.  Complementary to keeping a mood board is to consistently aspire to surround yourself with beautiful things. Remember: the best way to cultivate quality taste is constant exposure to quality things.


5.       Listen to yourself

No matter what people tell you, no matter what the fashion blogs celebrate, listen to your instincts. What you read in magazines and websites are not absolute fashion rules but guidelines of tried and tested methods. Hey, until Michael Cinco made them popular, who would’ve thought using recycable materials could start a fashion trend?


6.       Be informed with fashion trends but do dive too much into it

While we’ve consistently told you to always remain vigilant in keeping up with the latest fashion trends, be wary of falling into the trend trap – buying and patronizing things mainly because they’re “hot” or the “in thing.”The best fashion visionaries don’t just follow trends, they create. Just be on the look out for these trends and let them serve as guidelines.


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