iACADEMY Students Support #Bullyproof Advocacy Through Anti-Bullying Exhibit

iACADEMY Students Support #Bullyproof Advocacy Through Anti-Bullying Exhibit

iACADEMY will be holding its very first Anti-Bullying Exhibit entitled “Armed with Art” from August 27 to September 30, 2016 at the iACADEMY Plaza. As an advocate of anti-bullying, iACADEMY created this event to encourage students to express themselves through art and positivity rather than through violence and bullying.

The artworks featured on the 4th, 5th and 6th floors of the building aim to provide a voice not only for the artists who made them, but also for all Senior High School and college students who feel strongly about the cause and support iACADEMY’s stand against bullying.

Read on to learn more about the artists and their work:


Ar-em Bañas

“My artwork, Together, is inspired by students I see here in iACADEMY. They are all different and unique. What my artwork means is that despite our differences we can still stand up together and fight bullying.”

Ar-em Bañas is currently on her third year in BS Animation after realizing her passion for story-telling and drawing from her high school days. Her piece, "Together," depicts iACADEMY students standing together and holding hands. It is a reminder that we could be different yet stand together as one.

See more of her art here:

Facebook: Banana Cat | www.facebook.com/rmbananas 
Tumblr: rmbananas.tumblr.com


 Joanna Bechayda

“I joined this exhibit because I wanted to make more people aware that bullying is a problem that needs to be stopped. At this day and age, with the technology we have,  bullying can be done more easily and the effects can be more devastating.”

Joanna Marie R. Bechayda, known by most as "Jana", is a Senior High School student taking up Multimedia Arts at iACADEMY. Her passion and curiosity for drawing burst forth the moment she learned the basics from her cousin, and soon, her drawing not only focused on female figures, but on other subjects as well. At first, she only drew traditionally with a pen and paper, but as time passed, she began to discover other mediums such as digital painting and photography. 

Her artwork entitled "Sticks and Stones" portrays the self-esteem of a victim of bullying, shattered and broken due to the physical and verbal abuse that they received.


Jenn Paulin Carreon

“I decided to join the exhibit because of personal reasons. I've been a victim of bullying when I first transferred here in the Philippines and I actually stopped going to school because of it. I want to help people like me, who have been bullied and show those who wronged us that no matter what they called us, we're here now, full of pride and power.”

Paulin is an Animation student at iACADEMY. Her artwork features a white figure with harsh, hurtful words written on her skin. Through this piece, she wanted to express that sometimes we have to accept what others say about us, but strive to prove to them that one day, these words won’t be able to hurt us anymore.


Anne Garcia

“I've noticed that when exhibits come around, we are given a theme and people will try to find creative ways to express themselves. In order for an advocacy to be successful, what I wanted to do first was to focus on the problem so that people would understand it better as well. That's why I made my artwork based on the Anti-Bullying Law. I want people to know first what bullying is and what actions are considered bullying. Once more people know these things, they will be armed with the information that can prevent bullying from happening to other people.”

Anne is a second year student from iACADEMY, taking up BS Animation. She realized her passion for design during her first year in college when she was still attending a different school and from there has been trying to hone her skills as much as she can. Her art style is heavily influenced by Eastern Asian style, known as Anime and the one who inspired her the most was her favorite digital artist Yuumei. Her piece for the Anti-Bullying exhbit, entitled “Anti- Bullying Law”, is a digital painting that aims to educate and enlighten others regarding what the law considers as bullying. 

See her artworks online:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/DigiArtEienflower
Instagram: @eienflower


Rogerto Ollodo III 

“Creativity is what fuels us as artists and our masterpieces help define us. This exhibit was a great opportunity for me to not only showcase what I can do as an artist, but also that I can create works that support an import cause like anti-bullying.”

Rogerto C. Ollodo III, also known as “Third”,  is a third year student currently studying BS Animation at iACADEMY. At a young age, he used to trace drawings from textbooks until he was finally able to create his own interpretation, which made him realize that his drawings were something that he could be proud of. Third has been joining various art contests since he was in grade two in order to showcase the fruit of his growing creativity, proving that he is eager to be the best among his peers and to be known for his unique art style.

For “Armed with Art,” his artworks entitled “Horizon,” “Freethinker,” and “Fiercely Creative” are pieces that describe creativity without limitations, showing art as a powerful medium that can overcome fear.

More of his work can be seen online at: https://www.talenthouse.com/rogerto-ollodo- iii


 Senior High School Group

(From Left to Right; Top to Bottom: Moses Kyle Laguardia, Ana Gomez, Sarah Chua, Madeleine Evangelista, Gleven Quiboyen, Beatrice De Castro, Patricia Geronimo, Hana Aleah Marasigan, Zyrene Badua, Daniel Hernandez, Reighniel Abanes, Cristina Joy Valerio, Genesis Simbulan, Emee Ganibi, Jamsen de Guzman, Vi Maniego)


Reighniel Abanes

Reighniel Anzlyhfaye Abanes, called by many as "Reighniel", is an SHS Animation student. She started drawing at a young age but really took it seriously when she reached 3rd year high school. Reighniel is fond of using watercolors and doing art with a sketchy feel to it. Mood and the things happening around her are the factors that usually inspires her to draw. Her friends, who are some of her biggest supporters, inspired her to make her piece called “Friends.” 


Zyrene Badua

Zyrene Nicole B. Badua or "Kira" is an SHS Student taking up Animation in iACADEMY. She was exposed to animated shows at a young age, which eventually influenced her drawing style. Her artwork for “Armed for Art” called “Loathe” was inspired by the idea of drawing "inner demons” especially since she struggles with bouts of insecurity and has experienced episodes of self loathing. 


Sarah Chua

Sarah Chua is a 16 year-old SHS student taking up Multimedia Arts. Sarah is mostly fascinated with nature and usually changes art styles depending on the medium. At a young age, she was bullied and her piece, “Joy,” represents the people who have stayed with her and helped her get through those times.



Jamsen de Guzman

Jamsen De Guzman is a 15 year-old SHS student taking up Animation at iACADEMY. He was inspired to make art because of markcrilley’s tutorial videos on YouTube and he was also inspired by digital artist Stanley Artgerm Lau. The message of his piece for the exhibit, entitled “Dance,” is to not let anyone put you down. Through his artwork, he wants to remind others to believe in themselves and always have a positive outlook in life.



Density Empleo

Density Kind R. Empleo, a.k.a. “moukitsu”, is currently an SHS Student taking up Animation. The artstyle that she uses is mostly inspired by anime/manga, but she also does semi-realistic drawings. The piece that she did for this exhibit is all about being courageous. The inspiration for this is how people are usually scared of fighting back when confronted by their bullies. She wants to encourage people to muster up their courage and to stand up for themselves so they don't wait until they are pushed to their limit, which makes it harder for them to defend themselves against their bullies. 


Madeleine Evangelista

Madeleine Evangelista, commonly known as "Madii" is a Senior High Animation student at iACADEMY. Her artwork is based on her experience and her feelings, which allowed her to create a piece that would not only describe her but would let other people relate to her through her art. Her art style is based on the lessons and ideas that she came across as a student in iACADEMY and in her everyday life. What made her pursue art is her passion and willpower to do her best in every art style that she has come across. Her piece is entitled, “Depreciation.”


Emee Ganibi

Emee M. Ganibi is a 17 year-old Senior High School student taking up Animation at iACADEMY. She is known as “Mimix” to most because of how she likes to “mix things up.” She was inspired to make art because of her brother who drew cars and anime cartoon characters when they were kids. She was also inspired by Mr. Gerard Way. 

Her piece entitled “Insecurity,” draws from her experience in 8th grade when she was a victim of bullying.


Patricia Geronimo

Ma. Patricia C. Geronimo is 16 years old, taking up Multimedia Arts at iACADEMY. Her piece, “Love,” was inspired by the people in her life who urge her to “keep moving on.” She created the artwork in an anime style because she loved watching them as a kid.



Ana Gomez

Ana Francesca Gomez is a 16 year-old Senior High School student taking Multimedia Arts at iACADEMY. She started doing art at a young age. She likes to take risks because for her it’s what makes life fun and challenging. Her artwork, ”Anxiety,” shows the subject wanting to express something but is hesitant because of the fear of being judged by other people.

Instagram: @foodah101  Facebook: @gnomechii


Moses Kyle Laguardia 

“ I want to stop bullying through awareness. As a victim of bullying, I want to stand up for something and show the people that I'm the same as you and we shouldn't discriminate other people despite our differences. That's why I joined the exhibit. Be yourself. Never be afraid to show others who you really are. If you try and hide the truth, the pain from bullying isn't the only pain you're going to experience so always be honest to yourself.”

Moses Kyle Laguardia or simply called "Kyle" by most is a 16 year-old SHS student taking up Animation. Even at a very young age, Kyle somehow managed to learn art and creativity all by himself. Kyle's artworks often revolves around his mood or what gives him the motivation to draw at that time. People would agree that his art style is influenced by a "comic book style.” Although he is a happy and carefree person, there are times when he has struggled with his peers that have bullied him in school. He made his artwork called "The Dark Transition" to visually represent his struggle to avoid becoming the very thing he wants to stop. Some of his works can be seen on his art page on Facebook @ZemoRenArtworks


 Vi Maniego

“Since I'm very shy and can't express my feelings very well and who I really am through words, I decided to express it through my drawings so my works of art will be the ones to show how I feel. I had anxiety before but it's gone now because of all the positive feedback and support from other people.”

Vienna R. Maniego, also known as Vi, is 17 years old and a Senior High student studying Animation. She initially didn’t show interest in art even though she comes from a family of artists. After some time, she decided to give it a try when she became exposed to other people’s artworks. Her piece is called “Anxiety.”



Hanna Aleah Marasigan

“I think Anti-Bullying advocacies like this is important because people become more aware of what's happening around them. Some people know that they are being bullied or are the actual bullies. Some people don't understand what it feels like. Some people don't see the effects on the victims of bullying and how much of their lives get destroyed because of these actions, intentional or not.”

Hanna Aleah A. Marasigan, a 17-year old who is  usually addressed as either "Hanna" or "Leah" is currently in 11th Grade taking up the Multimedia Arts specialization under the Arts and Design track.  Coming from a family of creators and performers, she was raised with a knack for things art-related. Dabbling in multiple art forms and mediums, she's grown attached to drawing and writing, both of which she hopes to have a career in. Growing up surrounded by performers, crafters and creators, she's grown used to a messy life filled with unexpected challenges on each corner. In this exhibit, her artwork "Music" and "Words" are pieces that helped her through times when friends could not; it speaks about awareness of one's words that can shed light on matters such as Bullying.

More of her work can be seen on Instagram and Facebook under @vespeelira


 Angel Marinas

Angel Marie Marinas is a 16 year-old taking up Multimedia Arts in Senior High School who wants to pursue Animation in college. She first started drawing when she was in Grade 7. As she grew older and noticed that her drawings improved, she realized she wanted to make it her profession. Her artwork "Angel" represents a friend of hers who helped her through dark times and always listened to her even when she was at her worst.

See some of her works online at: http://paperandtape.deviantart.com/


Genesis Simbulan

“Our work is a collaboration among different Senior High School students and depicts whatever inspired them to stand up against bullying by drawing old memories or things that have hurt them in the past. Our exhibit space is an entire wall with up to 20 artworks that portray a battle between angels and bullies, where the audience can stand alongside the angels so they can get their pictures taken and share them on social media.” 

Genesis Simbulan is a Senior High School student taking up Multimedia Arts at iACADEMY. He’s often known as Stella to his friends, having taken up the alias of Stellaidoscope. He only started doing art last year. His art style is influenced by James Jean and Wolfskulljack, and he mainly sticks to immediate ink on paper. His works in this exhibit are “Acceptance," “Altruism,” and “Pressure.”



Cristina Joy Valerio and Beatrice Ysabel de Castro (Photography Collaboration)

“We wanted to have a special twist that the ones you didn't expect would be the one to help the "victim." We followed the "not all heroes wear capes" quote, but our twist was that the people we considered as villains were the one that offered to help while the so-called heroes were oblivious to the help needed. We also wanted to remind people not to judge people too quickly because of how they look.” 

Beatrice Ysabel Y. De Castro, nicknamed Bliss, is a Grade 11 student studying Multimedia arts at iACADEMY. She either sings a lot or is very loquacious. She has yet to define her own art style, but her drawings often look cartoonish and a little realistic.

Cristina Joy D. Valerio, known to most as "CJ", is a Senior High School student taking up Multimedia Arts at iACADEMY. Her specialties would be photography and typography, often working with subjects from video games and comics.

The two based the concept of their photograph on their experiences, when they were offered no help whenever they were bullied in the past. They also kept in mind other victims of bullying all around the world. They did this for them, and to show awareness about this issue.


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