Unleash Your Inner Artist at the 2017 iACADEMY Exhibit

 Unleash Your Inner Artist at the 2017 iACADEMY Exhibit


In iACADEMY, we encourage and train our students to be Game Changers —unique individuals with the courage to pursue their passions and use their talents to make a difference in the community. As a school that believes in the value of mining for hidden gems and polishing diamonds in the rough, we consider it our mission to discover those who share our passion for innovation and to unleash their potential so that they can become the Game Changers that they are meant to be. 

This mission is what inspired the theme of this year’s iACADEMY student exhibit. We have created a space which not only showcases the artworks made by our talented Game Changers, but also encourages the community to unleash their inner artist and experience the joy of making art by using the different interactive pieces that were conceptualized by Dean Ryan Abeledo and the Exhibit Design Team. 

Unleash: The 2017 iACADEMY Exhibit is a project led by iACADEMY's Corporate Communications group. The event will take place at the North Court of the Rockwell Power Plant Mall from March 25 to 26, 2017 and will feature pieces from the following artists:


Anne Garcia

Artwork Description: It is composed to show painful process of creating something from nothing. Creativity is flowing yet sometimes the river is dry and one has to force themselves to make greatness. Where the shackles bound you to your self worth and your wings are useless against the currents but the butterflies came from your being that longs to be free.



Julia Raine Maglalang

Artwork Description: The origami concept is not without meaning; Origami, the ancient art of paper folding is what I thought would be a perfect example of "Order", requiring precise execution of the step-by-step formula to create a form usually coming from nature.



Sam Rodil

Artwork Description: This work was inspired by a poster from the TV series, "Fargo", where a red fish goes in a direction opposite to where the yellow fish are going, with a significant caption that reads, "What if you're right and they're wrong?" The face of the virtually-omniscient Mr. Robot in the background reflects that ultimately we are all being watched, and the ways we dare to be different must still be taken into consideration.


Philip Ples

Artwork Description: The human brain is a very interesting organ and is always filled with chaotic thoughts and ideas. I wanted to represent creative chaos literally with a human brain brimming with creative energy - giving me a lot of freedom when it comes to composition as well as letting me have fun with how I fill the crevices. The human mind is filled with untapped creativity, and it's the job of the artist to unravel it and bring it out.


Betina Mascenon

Artwork Description: This piece represents going out of one's comfort zone and exploring what is beyond the horizon. One's comfort zone may be full of coldness and isolation, but the world beyond could be bright and unpredictable; it is only in that chaos where you will find your true self.


Andrea Tisalona

Artwork Description: Much like the piece, the process of making art in my opinion is organic and flowing. Although there's a central idea, the process of painting, coloring, fleshing out the concept aren't set in stone - there is no rigid structure to making art, just an artist following the ebb and flow of wherever their idea takes them.



Rogerto Ollodo III

Artwork Description: Creativity is in line with the order of measurement and rules. Each of us produces a logic that defines the resourcefulness of our minds. The character's eyes separated along with the broken line symbolizes the power of observation. Jigsaw puzzles with mathematical characters symbolizes the sharpness of mind or the ability to solve problems through mathematical expressions.



Rea Mae Joson

Artwork Description: The artwork presents a conductress who keeps on playing the music that she loves, and somehow it reaches the people. Music is a representation of order. It follows certain patterns and rules and is disciplined no matter what genre. Music without pattern is just noise.



Camille Jervoso

Artwork Description: The Succubi are beautiful nocturnal nymphs known to tempt men. These mythical creatures unleashes a man's darkest desires, and perhaps anything else that unravels the seven deadly sins.


Mark Sioc

Artwork Description: The work is an enigmatic representation of a rare occurrence between humans and the unknown. Sometimes, we venture out to break the isolation from this form of obscurity and unravel the secrets of a strange world that could possibly exist alongside humans. These exciting but cryptic phenomena requires our absence in order to stay hidden and mysterious.


Kristelle Joy Paredes

Artwork Description: Freeing oneself from the chains of mediocrity, the person unleashes the overflowing passion in his soul through art. No longer bound by any rules, ideas stand out from the rest and in due time, will affect those that are still in chains.


Jon Louis Garcia

Artwork Description: We are all space explorers when we are pushed outside of our comfort zone, which is the best way, sometimes the ONLY way, to create something new.


Artists Behind the Interactive Mix & Match Artworks

Gwynelle Tang
Jeremiah Cuyas
Joshua Villena
Julia Raine Maglalang
Kenneth Borlongan
Isnaira Pawingi

Exhibit Design Team

The following students volunteered to assist in visualizing and conceptualizing the whole exhibit design setup, making it a complete collaborative effort between the team and Mr. Ryan Abeledo, Dean of iACADEMY’s School of Design:
Kenneth Borlongan
Boris Membrere
Isnaira Pawingi



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