Fashion Design Students Debut Collections at The Fashion Gala 2017

Fashion Design Students Debut Collections at The Fashion Gala 2017

Last June 25, 2017, our Fashion Design and Technology students showcased their collections at The Fashion Gala 2017: Beyond the Street, in partnership with MTP Production. This school tradition of having graduating students debut their work at a fashion show allows the budding designers to not only promote their unique pieces, but also to let them experience the fashion industry first-hand. 

The show was held at Elements at Centris, Quezon City, and served as an avenue for our graduating students to share their creativity and passion for crafting pieces that would inspire other aspiring fashion designers. The theme that they chose for this year’s show was centered around nature, which served as a challenge for the students to channel their ingenuity and originality over a profound topic.

Read on to meet the talented Game Changers behind the iACADEMY FDT Grad Show 2017:



 “The inspiration behind Blight was the continuous destruction of the environment because of humans. I want my collection to bring awareness to more people, and to open their eyes with the reality that is now.”

 On taking up fashion:

“I’ve always wanted to see my imagination come to life and be brought to life through my creations. Fashion has also been a way for me to show people my thoughts, dreams and emotions.”



 “The main subject of my collection is “Envy”. I believe that most of us have something to feel envious about. I want to relay a message/inspire people to not stop with just “envy”. It’s not all about admiring or even imitating others, it’s in the doing. Do what you’re passionate about. Start today.”

 On taking up fashion:

“Fashion gives me the freedom to choose which field I would want to traverse. Whether it’s on the creative or business side, fashion gives me the freedom to do what I want.”


ELIJANE TAN - Nature’s Omnipresent Beauty

 “I want to showcase the beauty of nature with my collection “Nature’s Omnipresent Beauty”. My goal is to make people realize that no matter where we go, may it be a forest or even just a street, we can appreciate nature in every way. My pieces are also very detailed. I believe that the smallest of details give my pieces more impact.”

 On taking up fashion:

“Since I was a kid, I’ve always dreamed of designing clothes. I’ve had this growing fascination with fashion magazines, every spread inspired me to become part of the fashion industry someday.  I want to be part of something that would inspire other people to be more confident with themselves and appreciate their inner beauty.”


APPLE AQUINO (Mentor and iACADEMY Alumna)

Behind our students’ successful show was a former iACADEMY fashion student who served as their mentor, basing from her experience as one of the designers for last year’s Manila Fashion Fest 2016.

“This year’s theme is Beyond the Street, which was a challenge for the students to deliver RTWs (Ready-To-Wear) in a non-basic way while still representing their personal taste and aesthetics as individual designers.”

On being a mentor:

“It’s truly an honor to mentor these students. I was excited to share with them my experiences, the things I’ve learned and how I overcame the challenges when I was in their shoes, finishing up my thesis in time for the Grad Show. I’m glad for the chance to help them how they could express themselves as a designer and show who they are through their collections.”


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