Drawing Human Hands Made Easy

Drawing Human Hands Made Easy

If you’re an artist or an aspiring artist, you’ll know that drawing human details such as hands, feet, and the eyes is very challenging. Once you get the hang of drawing some of these basic elements, you’re one step closer to your dream of being artist. Don’t worry! Even the most talented artists started as beginners too!


Our Grade 11 Senior High School Animation student Allaine Leoncio is here to give you a step-by-step guide to get you started.


Step 1: Gather reference photos with different hand poses and compile them in one moodboard.


Hands can do different gestures that can convey different emotions and meanings. As beginners, don’t be afraid to use references for your artworks! It’s best to have some photos ready first to help you practice.  


PRO TIP: You can search on websites like Pinterest, Behance, and designspiration.net for pegs.

Step 2: Pick your main reference and start drawing!


PRO TIP: Try different brushes to add a variety of textures to your sketches. This can help you find your unique art style too!

Step 3: Start with basic shapes such as boxes and cylinders to form details of the hand.



Step 4: Keep the basic proportions of the human hand in mind. Draw the rest of the fingers a little bit longer than the middle finger.




Female: Slender fingers

Male: Thicker fingers


Step 5: Clean up your sketch by erasing some of the shapes you started with.



Make another layer to draw a cleaner and more prominent sketch.



Don’t forget to try different hand gestures and poses!





Palm: Curves

Back of the hand: Straight lines


Step 6: Coloring time! Start with a dark base to serve as the shadows of your hand and for easier blending with lighter colors.



PRO TIP: Don’t forget to make another layer/s when coloring so you could try different swatches.



Always keep in mind the light source for your drawing. Use the lighter colors in your swatches and blend properly.


Yay! We’re done! The next step is to keep on practicing!


Watch the full video tutorial here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=pc1hHv0Djko


You may check out more of her amazing artworks on her Facebook page:



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