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The Bachelor of Science in Animation (BS Animation) is a comprehensive program that deals with film making for traditional and digital animation. It encompasses a wide range of studies in visual arts with applied science and technology that will enable students to understand, learn and apply different techniques and methodologies assisted with the learning of basic programming, web design, and authoring tools.
Throughout the program students will explore the international history and evolution of animation. Students will demonstrate creative self-expression as they learn basic and advanced drawing skills, techniques for original character design, the natural flow and movement of objects, and background development which includes an in depth study of perspective for 2D and 3D environment.


TUITION FEE 42,210.00Php
Lab Fees 5,500.00Php
Miscellaneous Fees 15,500.00Php
New Student Fees 2,550.00Php
TUITION FEE 46,008.90Php
Lab Fees 5,995.00Php
Miscellaneous Fees 15,500.00Php
New Student Fees 2,550.00Php
Schedule for Installment Option
Down Payment 35,026.95Php
1st installment (7/29/2016) 7,005.39Php
2nd installment (8/15/2016) 7,005.39Php
3rd installment (8/31/2016) 7,005.39Php
4th installment (9/15/2016) 7,005.39Php
5th installment (9/30/2016) 7,005.39Php


*Penalty will be imposed upon late payment
*Tuition fees are subject to change. Number of units per trimester are subject to change.
*Different fees apply for international students.
For more information, call (02) 889-7777 or email
324 Senator Gil J. Puyat Ave.
Bel-air, Makati City Philippines 1209