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Changing the Game of Fashion: The iACADEMY Grad Show at Manila Fashion Fest 2016

iACADEMY Fashion Design students showcased their collections at Manila Fashion Fest 2016

iACADEMY Students Start Change through Inspiring Art Exhibit

This year, we challenged our iACADEMY students to serve as catalysts for change by creating artwork that would raise awareness regarding issues involving poverty, tax reform, healthcare, environment, transportation, and infrastructure.

The Philippines' next billionaires are most likely to be graduates of THIS college course

There are a lot of familiar names in the 2014 Forbes' List of Billionaires. Certainly, there are the usual personalities we all expect. There's Bill Gates of Microsoft who topped the list of the richest people on earth with a net worth of $78.7 billion; Larry Ellison of Oracle, with $52.1 billion; and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, who had an estimated $33.5 billion.

Why Philippine game development industry needs more artists and storytellers?

Filipinos have a natural love affair with video games. Ever since Atari and the Nintendo Family Computer made their way to local shores back in the 80s up to the time that PC and console games filled up internet cafes and households, Filipinos could not keep their hands off their gamepads, joysticks, and keyboards.

6 ways to tap your inner fashionista

Unknown to many, taste is a better indicator of fashion know-how rather than numbers and trends. And by taste, we mean the ability to make sound judgments on aesthetic, artistic, and even intellectual matters. It takes time to develop and sharpen personal taste; a never ending process.

Game development is big in the Philippines. And it will grow even more because...

Up until five years go, many were already talking about the potential of the Philippines of making it big in the arena of game development. In 2011, there were already a good number of companies that were involved in game development, employing 3,000 employees.

How to be a millionaire by 30

Being young and fresh out of school shouldn't stop you from dreaming big and wanting more. There is no reason for you to think that being a millionaire by the age of 30 (or maybe even younger) is impossible.

The dos and don'ts of animation

Having the power to give life to what were once pencil strokes on paper is an exciting and thrilling thing. But like in any other art form or creative endeavor, animators have rules they must follow -- just like any other artist.

What do experts say about the benefits of online gaming?

We can't deny that online gaming has a bad reputation. With its often violent plotlines and graphics, it's no wonder that parents think it's dangerous to their children's studies, social life, and mental and physical health. But what do experts say?