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Career Paths for the Future-ready Game Changers

Career Paths for the Future-ready Game Changers

Learning has merged with technology and has resulted in innovations such as extended reality, digital art, 4D, audio-visual media, robotics, and mobile and software development.


Yet, there are more skills needed by most industries that are underlooked by traditional institutions. This widens the gap between “real world” demands and industry skills that students must learn in school. iACADEMY’s approach in Psychology, Mobile Application Development, Graphic Illustration, Audio Production, and Robotics will help Game Changers bridge this looming gap and address real-life problems in their chosen field.


Would you join the herd or lead the pack? Below are the top career paths for the future-ready Game Changers!


Mobile Application Developer is one of the world's fastest-growing occupations. There are simply more mobile application development job openings than skilled developers to fill them today. Game Changers can land a variety of in-demand job roles including Android and iOS Application Developer; Mobile Devices Quality Assurance Expert, and extend their reach to integrate trends such as the Internet of Things and Artificial intelligence with other disciplines.


In Graphic Illustration, future graduates will have an in-depth portfolio of professionally rendered graphics and artworks that the industry demands from its key players! They can also become a/an Art Director for films and animation studios; Creative Services Manager; Information Architect; Motion Designer, and User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Designer. Who knows? You might be the next award-winning and globally-known Filipino graphic designer or illustrator!


iACADEMY also takes pride as a full-fledged training ground for Senior High School to offer Audio Production as a strand. It prepares students for a career in many areas of audio production, including sound design, digital audio editing, synthesizer tools, and multimedia development! This is a gateway for Game Changers to become a/an Audio and Sound Producer; Live Sound Engineer; Audio Forensics Expert; Engineering Acousticians; Audiologist; Studio Engineer, and Post Production Audio Engineers.


The Robotics strand gives future Game Changers a hands-on and multidisciplinary approach in designing, building, and programming robots--because the future is the robot! Specialized experience and pieces of training in Robotics will be a stepping stone in pursuing careers in mechanical, electrical, and software engineering; robotics architecture; artificial intelligence; virtual reality; quality assurance, and software maintenance.


In college, not only will our iACADEMY Game Changers under the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program learn traditional approaches in clinical psychology, guidance counseling, and human resources; to put them ahead of the game, they will also be experts in three (3) specialized branches of the field: test design, implementation, and assessment; understanding consumer behavior, and industrial psychology in corporate business setting.


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