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Game-Changing Tips: Drawing Different Human Expressions

Game-Changing Tips: Drawing Different Human Expressions

Drawing is an essential and pivotal talent that Game Changers in ICT and creative fields must hone. As they say, “you have to walk before you run.” Therefore, you should master the basics! Learn how to draw different human expressions from our BS Animation student, Max Lubansky. Follow these steps and take note of the tips that you surely can use.

Look for references and compile them in one mood board. Pick your final reference after.

Start drawing basic shapes to resemble parts of the face. Draw big shapes first and put smaller details later.

Pay attention to the details of the face.

Pro tips:

  1. Start with the parts that you find easier to draw. Emphasize the expressive parts of the face like the eyes, mouth, and eyebrows.

  2. Express with those eyes! Shocked? Dilate the pupils and widen the eyelids.
    Squinting? Make the top half of the eyes covered by the eyelids.

  3. Add more depth with the eyebrows. Angry eyebrows are closer to the eyes.
    Shocked eyebrows are arched farther from the eyes.

Stylize and polish your work! Edit and furnish using brushes and tools from Adobe, GumRoad, or, just like what Max used here!

Pro Tips:

  1. Facial muscles make your drawing consistent.

  2. Happy faces? Emphasize the cheeks.

  3. Sad and angry? Emphasize the forehead and mouth.

  4. Consider the subtlety of expressions and always practice!

Are you ready to draw? Watch Max’s drawing tutorial now!

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