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iACADEMY Proudly Stages Another Student Exhibition at Rockwell

iACADEMY Proudly Stages Another Student Exhibition at Rockwell

On March 16 to 17, 2019, iACADEMY will stage its 4th student exhibition at Rockwell Powerplant Mall entitled “imagineNATION."

This year’s exhibit will portray the past, the present, and the future of design and technology in the country through interactive works featuring outputs from iACADEMY’s School of Computing and School of Design. The exhibit will engage the community’s ideas and perceptions of the reality of life through virtual and augmented technologies.

This year’s exhibition will feature over 120 works encompassing the fields of design and technology.

Notable features:

ARtech - an augmented reality application developed by iACADEMY that combines images of artwork with computer-generated animations and videos. It aims to increase engagement and appreciation towards the work by providing a multidimensional experience to the viewer.

VRchitecture interactive demo station - shows the work of Louis Garcia, AB Multimedia Arts and Design (Class of 2018). VRchitecture is an ode to five historic buildings in Manila that has witnessed Philippines history unfold. The technology used is a combination of audio, visual, and narrative techniques manifested through a virtual reality experience.

Vive gameplay stage - featuring virtual reality games and an interactive software demo station featuring  Gesture Saber, a program that utilizes machine learning and image computing.

Sneak a peek and know what to expect at the exhibit!

Experience imagineNATION and visit us at the Rockwell Power Plant Mall’s North Court. Stay tuned for the online catalog that will feature the amazing artworks of iACADEMY Game Changers.

imagineNATION will also have a homecoming event and will be on display at the iACADEMY Nexus Gallery from March 18 to 23.