Find the Best iACADEMY Program for You!

Assess yourself with this short quiz and unleash the Game Changer you are meant to become! Choose the best option below and let’s see the results!

"I am more..."

A. Analytical and techy

B. Business-minded and possesses leadership skills

C. Highly imaginative and creative

D. Social and a keen listener

You are most interested in:

A. VR/AR, robots, mobile app icons, codes

B. Branding, Marketing, Business Presentation, Sales and Finance. Real Estate

C. Graphic Illustration Multimedia Arts, Animation, Sound Design Fashion

D. Psychology, Public Speaking, Counselling, Writing

Your favorite subjects are:

A. Computer Education, Math, Physics, Robotics

B. Economics, English, Filipino, Social Science, Personal Selling

C. Visual Arts, Fashion, Animation, Storyboarding, Graphic Illustration

D. Liberal Arts, Psychology, Sociology

"I have always wanted to learn more about..."

A. Coding, virtual reality, software, robots, mobile app

B. Building businesses, managing brands, stocks and investments, real estate management and sales

C. Graphic design, drawing and illustration, audio production, motion graphics, film, photography, fashion shows

D. Human relations and interactions, psychology, and social sciences

"Outside school, I spend my free time..."

A. Playing games, solving puzzles, and riddles

B. Reading up on newest trends, imagining my startup business

C. Learning new graphic design tools, watching films, immersing in art and events, doing photowalks, or doodling

D. Reading books, writing stories, immersing in culture and experiences

"However, in school, I would most likely spend my time in..."

A. A Computer Lab and/or an iMAC Lab

B. Library and Learning Resource Center

C. An MMA Lab and/or Cintiq Room

D. Reading, Writing, and Public Speaking

You would most likely work in any of the following fields:

A. Software Engineering, Computer Programming, Robotics Engineering, Gaming,Mobile App Development

B. Branding, Corporate Planning, Finance and Sales, Marketing Communications,Business Administration, Real Estate

C. Audio Engineering, Graphic Design, Illustration, Animation, Film, Fashion,

D. Communication and Human Relations

"In the future, I want to..."

A. Devise industry-relevant online solutions to help us become productive, connected, and efficient

B. Be the next business giant and plan out innovative roadmaps that spur growth for the economy

C. Create awesome and impactful art and enable art to thrive in the country

D. Utilize my skills to better understand people’s behavior and surroundings

Below are some things that we will likely find inside your bag:

A. Coding handouts/books, heavy-duty laptop, earphones, prototype robots

B. Business books, creative inspiration

C. Sketch pads, notebooks, pens, coloring materials, laptop

In the near future, you see yourself either becoming:

A. A Software Engineer, Game Developer, IT/Web Developer, or Mobile App Developer

B. An Entrepreneur, Advertising Mogul, Copywriter, Marketing Manager, Events Coordinator, Market Analyst, Real Estate Consultant

C. Illustrator, Photographer, Director, Filmmaker, Animator, Multimedia Artist, Sound Engineer, Fashion Designer, Stylist

D. An expert in the field of Communication and Humanities

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