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In UNISON: Attaining Development Goals through Project-Based Learning Expo 2018

In UNISON: Attaining Development Goals through Project-Based Learning Expo 2018

Towards Forward-Thinking Solutions was this year’s guiding theme for iACADEMY Senior High School Game Changers as they showcased their output during the annual Project-Based Learning Expo, held at the iACADEMY Nexus Campus, last June 2018.


For the Grade 12 Senior High School Accountancy, Business, and Management (ABM) students, forward-thinking solutions alleviate today’s pressing issues like malnutrition, poverty, and hunger, an ultimate agenda in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).


The winning PBL for this season featured the Outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility Project, bagged by G12 ABM students composed of Loise Marie Ambat, Jhantzen Marie Chico, Monique Bridget Guinto, Earlrich Nerre Ibon, Michelle Lapina, and Dianne Riziel Pasumbal.


Their project, dubbed as Innovation for Curing Hunger Incidence by Optimizing Garbage or iCHIBOG of the group’s social enterprise called UNISON Incorporated, aims to alleviate poverty and hunger by involving communities and citizens to convert trash and enable them to buy food items through a vendo machine. The project was launched in Tondo, Manila. UNISON’s representative, Earlrich Nerre Ibon, tells us more about the fruition of their vision.

Can you tell us something about your PBL entry?

Earlrich Nerre Ibon: UNISON Incorporated is a social enterprise that aims to improve the quality of life while spearheading innovative projects geared towards the Sustainable Development Goals. The inspiration behind UNISON is to help achieve the SDGs and how innovation can play a role. We chose the topic of social responsibility and innovation because we want to instigate a significant social change within the global community and solve social issues that are prominent in the world, specifically in our country.


How was your experience working on this PBL project?

Earlrich Nerre Ibon: It was challenging since it was our second PBL where we will pitch in UNISON. This was the redemption arc of UNISON since this is a new and improved team and basically strides from UNISON v. 01.


What do you like most about PBL?

Earlrich Nerre Ibon: I loved how this is the culmination of all the effort and challenges we had to exert and overcome, respectively. This is the moment where we take a step back and see what we have been staying up all night for, fighting for and of course, spending 80% of our time to. PBL might tear friendships apart but this one strengthened UNISON and showed each one of us who is the keeper for life.


What were the challenges you faced while working on the project?

Earlrich Nerre Ibon: As cliche as it seems, it is passing all the requirement and having to set our mind into the mindset of "how to present the best version of UNISON" since there have been many failed attempts, especially the first PBL with UNISON as our output.


How do you think does PBL help you in reaching your full potential?

Earlrich Nerre Ibon: It is a platform on how to present UNISON outside of school. It’s basically a stepping stone and a way to test the waters on how the target market will receive the ideals of the company.


Other students recognized during the event were Loise Marie Ambat, Jhantzen Marie Chico, Monique Bridget Guinto, Earlrich Nerre Ibon, Michelle Lapiña, and Dianne Riziel Pasumbal for bagging the Venture Award (Minor Award). The KAiROS Apprenticeship Award (Minor Award), was also awarded to Earlrich Nerre Ibon, Dianne Riziel Pasumbal, and Christian Shane Yulo.


Congratulations, Grade 12 SHS ABM Students! May you continue to excel and leave a mark in your next projects. Until next year’s PBL!


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