A DOLE report records that, “...in the period of 1990-2000 the highest recorded number of unemployed persons was at 3.143 million or a 10.1 percent rate...”

This triggered a group of individuals to gather experts from different fields - academics and business, to contribute and address unemployment caused by (1) the mismatch of the skills that graduates possess and what industries need, and (2) school drop out rate caused by lack of access and low student engagement. That group became the founding members that established the Information and Communications Technology Academy or iACADEMY in 2002.

Today, iACADEMY has developed strong industry partnerships that produce 96% job placement rate within 6 months after graduation. Students’ passions are tuned into careers - they produce projects that address social problems, pitch projects to partner companies, and immerse in an intensive guided 960 hour internship. iACADEMY continues to pave the way and reinvent education by offering degree programs that are highly specialized in Computing, Business, and Design following an Output Based Education approach that allow students to learn through hands-on experience and from industry experts. 

This is our why.

What is yours ?