The School of Business and Liberal Arts offers programs and courses in both business-related subjects and liberal arts disciplines. It aims to provide students with a well-rounded education that combines practical skills and a strong foundation in business, marketing, real estate management, accountancy, and psychology. This combination of business and liberal arts education is designed to develop students' critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and leadership skills, essential in today's complex and interconnected world and to bridge the gap between academe and industry to prepare students with a comprehensive education that combines practical skills with a broader understanding of the world, society, and culture.



The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with Specialization in Marketing focuses on the intricacies of creating and managing marketing campaigns and exposes students to marketing principles, trends, strategies, policies, and innovations. The graduates of this program will be fully equipped with competitive skills and relevant theoretical knowledge in conducting sound and valid market research to develop strategic marketing plans realized through Integrated Marketing Communications campaigns. The curriculum provides the graduate with both technical skills and competencies required in the field, but also the flexible mindset that is necessary to stay competitive in a constantly changing business environment. A distinctive feature of the program is that the majority of upper-level courses include a practical project component, offering the opportunity to apply the problem-solving theories and concepts learned in the classroom to real situations. Extensive opportunities are available for students to meet business professionals and gain practical experience.



The BSBA Major in e-Management provides students with the critical digital technology and management skills needed in today’s increasingly digitalized business environment. It helps bridge the gap between business and technology in any industry. The program puts emphasis on the analysis of digital disruption and the transformation of business models, strategies, and processes based on emerging trends in information and communication technology, digital and social media marketing, and project management. This program will produce game-changing graduates with the knowledge and skills in business administration, entrepreneurship, and technical innovations, necessary to become technology entrepreneurs, technology project leaders, and managers of professionals and information in any organization.


real estate management

The Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management aims to prepare the graduates for a career in the field of Real Estate Management in various corporations and institutions as licensed professionals whether in the practice of salesmanship, brokerage, appraisal and consultancy, including the local government practice of assessors and appraisers. It prepares students to be proactive and responsive to the total environment by providing technical, interpersonal and conceptual skills in the areas of real estate management. Theory is blended with practicum activities to give the students a broad and enriched base for a career in real estate service practice.

Business degree holders may finish the program in three terms. Non-business degree holders may finish in five terms. A TOR evaluation will be done to determine whether one is in the business or non-business standing.

bachelor of arts in


The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (BAPsy) program is designed to provide students with a solid foundation using well established scientific principles, evidence-based theories and applied concepts in understanding and analyzing human behavior, cognitive processes and interaction. This program offers a curated curriculum aligned with CHED M.O. No.34: Policies and Standards for Undergraduate Programs in Psychology, emphasizing board subjects in preparation for Psychometrician licensure board examination, such as Industrial Psychology, Psychological Assessment, Abnormal Psychology and Theories of Personality. The BA Psy program of iACADEMY harnesses their specialized skills in Human Resources Management, Strategic Human Resources and Human Resource Employees Staffing and Development.



Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA) is a degree program that is designed to provide general accounting education to students wanting to pursue a professional career in accountancy. The BSA program seeks to prepare the student for a general accounting career and eventual entry to any of the four major fields of accountancy: public practice, commerce and industry, government and education. Further, pursuant to the Accountancy Act of 2004, this is the program that qualifies someone to take the CPA Licensure Examinations. This is a four-year program which aims to develop the qualities that enhance the student’s professional competence, awareness of his/her social responsibilities and appreciation of an accountant’s high standard of integrity and objectivity. The BSA program will provide a foundation of professional knowledge, professional skills, and professional values, ethics and attitudes that enable students to continue to learn and adapt to change throughout their professional lives. These capabilities will enable professional accountants to identify problems, know where to find this knowledge and know how to apply it in an ethical manner to achieve appropriate solutions.