Design and the arts

The School of Design and the Arts at iACADEMY is focused on the integration of technology and creativity to foster innovative approaches in art and design education. Our programs emphasize the use of digital technology with interdisciplinary collaborations, to tackle complex real-world challenges, including sustainability and social impact. With the help of our industry friends and partners, students at SODA are encouraged to engage in educational projects that address environmental and societal issues using art and design solutions. At the School of Design and the Arts, our aim is to produce the next generations of creative problem solvers who use art and design for good.

Bachelor of Arts in

design and technology

The Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design and Technology offers an 11 term updated program that paves the way in nurturing the next generation of ethical fashion professionals who are socially aware and confidently adapting to change. Students will learn both traditional, technological and sustainable methods in designing, production, retailing, and entrepreneurship to prepare them for the local and international fashion and creative industries.



The Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts and Design (MAD) is an 11 term program designed to address the growing need for highly qualified, multidisciplinary professionals in the creative industries. Within the heart of the program is the goal of expanding the students’ talents in various creative fields developing the students potential to create innovative content for print, web, and audiovisual communication. The MAD Program at SODA develop students into well rounded creatives who are technology adept critical thinkers and industry ready graduates.



The Bachelor of Science in Animation is an 11-term program which addresses the technical production needs of the industry. The program provides students with skills training in both 2D and 3D animation, including the use of state-of-the-art tools and software such as Toon Boom Animation software, to produce pipeline-ready graduates. The program prepares students to become globally competitive animators, directors and content creators to contribute to the uplifting of both the local and global Animation industry.



The Bachelor of Arts in Music Production and Sound Design is a 12 Term program that will focus on providing the students the necessary skill, technical knowledge using tools used by industry practitioners in creating, designing and producing sound and music for various purposes. Students will have an overview of the fundamental principles of music and sound that determine our audio perception.

bachelor of arts in

Film and Visual Effects

The Bachelor of Arts in Film and Visual Effects is a 12 term program that provides a solid foundation on the technical, and professional aspects of filmmaking. The program integrates key concepts in the art and craft of film with trainings in practical special effects and computer- generated imagery, to expand the students' capabilities giving them the necessary skill-sets to enter and compete successfully in the media industry. Students will learn the traditional filmmaking process from pre-production, production and post-production while learning technical skills applicable in developing a career in the video and film industry.