Never-Ending Nothing
directed by JC Roma and Aaron Castro


This immersive and industry-relevant program will bring students the best practice on creative, technical, and theoretical film and visual effects, as well as storytelling. If you’re dreaming of filming, directing or producing your next blockbuster, start ahead and start now!

The Bachelor of Arts in Film and Visual Effects is a 12 term program that provides a solid foundation on the technical, and professional aspects of filmmaking. The program integrates key concepts in the art and craft of film with trainings in practical special effects and computer- generated imagery, to expand the students' capabilities giving them the necessary skill-sets to enter and compete successfully in the media industry. Students will learn the traditional filmmaking process from pre-production, production and post-production while learning technical skills applicable in developing a career in the video and film industry.

Alumni Game Changer
"We amplify each other's strength. Film is naturally a collaborative process and when I see my peers bring their A game, I am inspired to go beyond that. Even in the remote situations we motivate each other to give the the best effort we can, what more if and when we can see each other again.

But more than that, it's my passion for telling stories. Translating my perspective into visuals that would bring value and entertainment to the audiences. I take PRIDE in the fact I made something that did not exist before."

- John Christian Roma
AB Film and Visual Effectscy

Student Works

Public Television Program

by Max Florenz Vieja

Dripping Machine

by Sophia Velonza


by Luigi ‘Bugoy’ Gandeza

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Related News

We are incredibly proud to announce that JC Roma, a talented Film and Visual Effects student and Vanessa L. Tanco Presidential Scholar from iACADEMY, has achieved a remarkable feat by qualifying for not just one, but two categories in the prestigious CCP Gawad Alternatibo competition for outstanding films, "Circle of Life" in the Experimental Category and "IBAYO" in the Documentary Category.

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