Learn the ins and outs of music production and sound design, know the techniques and practices of professional sound practitioners, and elevate your skill in music production across various industries such as advertising, film, theater, concerts, recordings, commercials, and other platforms.

The Bachelor of Arts in Music Production and Sound Design is a 12 Term program that will focus on providing the students the necessary skill, technical knowledge using tools used by industry practitioners in creating, designing and producing sound and music for various purposes. Students will have an overview of the fundamental principles of music and sound that determine our audio perception.

Rockstar Professor

On April 21, 2023, Westco Av hosted "SoundID Reference: Create, Mix, and Deliver with Confidence," a comprehensive workshop led by expert sound engineers. This event provides a unique opportunity to learn how to optimize your workflow and get the most out of Sonarwork's SoundID Reference technology for achieving accurate, studio-quality sound across all your devices.

We’re #iACADEMYProud to share that Prof. Gerard Paul Elviña, iACADEMY’s program coordinator for Music Production and Sound Design, was one of the resource speakers for this event. Prof. Elviña has also participated in the beta testing of Sonarworks in the Philippines, and his insights about this program will provide valuable knowledge for the attendees.

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iACADEMY represents the Philippines as the Best New School for Music Production and Technology, Global Brands Awards 2022

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