Gain solid training in using well-established scientific principles in understanding and analyzing human behavior and cognitive processes from experts in the field!

The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (BAPsy) program is designed to provide students with a solid foundation using well established scientific principles, evidence-based theories and applied concepts in understanding and analyzing human behavior, cognitive processes and interaction. This program offers a curated curriculum aligned with CHED M.O. No.34: Policies and Standards for Undergraduate Programs in Psychology, emphasizing board subjects in preparation for Psychometrician licensure board examination, such as Industrial Psychology, Psychological Assessment, Abnormal Psychology and Theories of Personality. The BA Psy program of iACADEMY harnesses their specialized skills in Human Resources Management, Strategic Human Resources and Human Resource Employees Staffing and Development.

Rockstar Professor

Learn more about iACADEMY’s Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with our Rockstar Professor, Ms. Paola Gonzales, RPsy, RPM, CMHFR, CHRA.

Specializing in Human Resource, you can expect to learn only from the best in the field of psychology; both in the academe and in the industry.

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