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"Before iACADEMY, I was actually already homeschooled. Coming from a traditional school, I had a somewhat of a culture shock on how it worked. There were a huge differences for me as a student: from having schedules to managing my own time, from having teachers that spoon fed everything to going out of my comfort zone and actually be comfortable seeking knowledge out because I wanted to, and lastly, to stop relying on other people, in terms of my academics, be it a teacher or my classmates.

iACADEMY was already in my radar for almost 4 years and I knew that if I ever pursue programming, this will be the school for me. So when I saw they had a DRIVE Homeschool Program that's pretty similar to what I am used to, I just knew this was the sign for me to pursue programming.

Luckily for a program that's new, iACADEMY delivered. One downside for me in a traditional homeschool is that I don't have a teacher generally, as I love exchanging ideas and engaging with teachers. With DRIVE, I love how the teachers are just practically one call away to my queries and need of assistance. Aside from that, it's practically a homeschool set-up that we do not have deadlines and school schedules that I can practically still do my set-up from my previous school.

One thing that I learned from my previous school and solidified here in iACADEMY is that I love being independent, to have that opportunity to seek out my other interests without the hindrance of school, and basically have my own time. I get to do all of that here in iACADEMY's DRIVE Homeschool Program. It's really an opportunity for students to have the best of both worlds with homeschool and traditional school!"

- Sofia Santillan,

SHS - Software Development, DRIVE Homeschool Program

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