OR Design for Remote, Individualized, Versatile Education

is the response of iACADEMY to cater to students with unique learning styles and preferences. It is the offspring of learnings and insights gained from the shift to online learning.

DRIVE is iACADEMY's newest initiative to produce Game Changers through catering to those who prefer a more individualized form of eduation outside GOAL (Guided Online Autonomous Learning).


Programs offered
under DRIVE:

Due to the specialized nature of DRIVE and the Senior High School curriculum of iACADEMY, the learning resources are curated and created by the school, experts in the academe, and guided by industry professionals.

Learning at my
own pace.

With DRIVE, students will be able to go through the modules and examinations at their own pace throughout the academic year, allowing for more flexibility. Though individualized, the students still have the option for a consultation* of mentorship sessions.

*Maximum of 30 hours per subject per year.

Take control of your own future, and let us help you DRIVE your
way to success!