Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
with Specialization in Marketing Management

This program focuses on the intricacies of creating and managing marketing campaigns and exposes students to marketing principles, trends, strategies, policies, and innovations.

BSBA Marketing and Advertising Management graduates will be fully equipped with competitive skills and relevant theoretical knowledge in conducting sound and valid market research to develop strategic marketing plans realized through Integrated Marketing Communications campaigns.

Possible Careers:

Social Media Manager, Account Manager, Media Planner, Meeting/Event Planner, Marketing Research, Analyst, Digital Marketer, Advertising Professional, Corporate Communications, Brand Manager

Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management

The Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management program is designed to prepare students for a career in the field of real estate management in various corporations and institutions whether in the practice of salesmanship, brokerage, appraisal, and consultancy including the local government practice of assessors and appraisers.

Possible Careers:

Licensed Real Estate Broker, Property Manager, Real Estate Appraiser, Property and Leasing Consultant, Real Estate Entrepreneur, Government Assessor

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

The Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA) program focuses on the language of business – accounting. This program prepares Game Changers on the basis of theoretical and practical mentorship that guides them in the analysis and recording of business transactions. Offered with Philippine-based and internationally-acclaimed partners, BSA prepares students not only for passing the national board examinations but also for the rigors of corporate life.

Accounting professionals from this program are expected to provide assurance and audit services for financial planning and reporting, tax-related and advisory services, organizational decision-making, planning, performance, and control systems, and general expertise in finance and business solutions.

Possible Careers:

Accountant, Bookkeeper, Budget Analyst, Financial Controller, Business Valuation Specialist, Financial Analyst, Tax Consultant

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (ABPSY) program is designed to provide students with a solid training in using well established scientific principles in understanding and analyzing human behavior and cognitive processes. In this program, students will be trained intensively in areas such as psychological assessment, experimental psychology, cognitive psychology, abnormal psychology, social psychology, counseling, theories of personality, and others. This program further trains students to specialize in industrial psychology thus allowing students to pursue meaningful employment in the field of human resources. To accomplish this, courses such as human resource management, human resource staffing and development, group dynamics, strategic human resource, and recruitment and selection are included.

In addition to the specialized subjects, students will undergo almost 1,000 internship hours. Furthermore the internship program is divided into two. The first part will allow students to gain work experience in organizational development and employee engagement and while the second part focuses on human resource development.

The program will also prepare students to become licensed psychometrician or to pursue graduate studies.

Possible Careers:

Licensed Real Estate Broker, Property Manager, Real Estate Appraiser, Property and Leasing Consultant, Real Estate Entrepreneur, Government Assessor

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