“Sheepish Serenade”

by Layne Yap, SHS Multimedia Arts student

arts and design

Multimedia Arts (MMA) Strand is designed to provide students with multidisciplinary skills and knowledge in the creative industries. The strand develops students' creative talents in order to create innovative content for various platforms such as print, web, animation and film.

MMA focuses on basic photography and videography, layout design, sound mixing, music authoring and vector graphics.

Student Work
iACADEMY Student Works (MMA Demo Reel 2018)

How can we invigorate an interest for classic Filipino songs among our Filipino youth? Senior High School Multimedia Arts and Design #iACADEMYGameChangers showcased their recreated posters and music videos based on classic Filipino songs for their Project-Based Learning Expo.

Through #iACADEMYPBLExpo, Game Changers were able to demonstrate their skills from conceptualization to execution while integrating content from their arts and design courses.

Watch this reel to know how MMA students do it the Game Changer way.

Alumni Game Changer

“My proudest PBL output was actually our first: a magazine on Environmental Sustainability entitled SANHI. Our team was a driven (and quite extra) one -- we went all the way to an organic and socially-responsible farm in Bulacan named GreenEarth Heritage Foundation and even crossed a strong river via bamboo raft, tightly holding all our camera equipment and letting our shoes go soggy just to get real-life info for our magazine that computer-research could never offer. I absolutely loved that group, and all my other PBL groups afterwards, actually.

I really believed the calling I had in VELOCiTY -- I didn't want to let it go. I wasn't sure if other schools would be as supportive of orgs like iACADEMY was, and they were also appreciative of the time and effort I put into leading it by giving me a Leadership Excellence award and scholarship. The community was also very loving -- from the students to the professors to the staff. The culture was to hug people in the hallways, encouraging and teaching each other instead of pulling each other down, and that there was no such thing as "feeling close" -- just say hi and you're instantly friends ;)”

- Hannah Felix, BA Multimedia Arts and Design

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