The Robotics strand gives future Game Changers a hands-on and multidisciplinary approach in designing, building, and programming robots. Future Robotics champs will start by building robots to demonstrate these principles. By graduation, you will be able to apply those skills to design and prototype practical robots to solve real-world problems. Students will immerse in the principles of physics, electronics, engineering, mechanics and computer programming.

Student Work

TOP 1: Plastik Ipatalsik

Agbayani, Shanley, Ballatan, James, David, Aton, Ondoy, Kaila, Robles, Donnald Miguel, Serato, Ivan, Villanueva, Izak

TOP 2: Single Use, We Refuse

Ryan Caezar Itang, Jose Raphael Martinez, Johndayll Lewis Arizala, John Kovie Niño, Francis Luis Esteban, Edgar Harold Simbajon

TOP 3: Go Green,
Plastic is Obscene!

Don Laude A. Aspecto, Toshiro Kazuo B. Fujita, Reign Elaiza D. Larraquel, Julia Russelle D. Lumabi, Marc Shayne C. Sih, Chelsea Clea S. Trampe

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